Living In Harmony

I just think about all the ways i could have done things different. I know i can be selfish towards other people at times. but im only trying to do my best in decision making. its not like i ever want to hurt peoples feelings. I love people. I love my friends and family i just dont no how to show it all the time. Because for myself in life all i want is love. and for some reason love is the hardest thing to make go round. People r full of drama and hatred. 

I also feel ever since my first serious relationship is has bittered me. During that time frame i was the most happinest id ever been. and i couldnt see why it had to end the way it did. But it was ment to happen so im okaywith that. Buti dont want to be bitter. It creates a mental blockage for me. I want to be spreading love anf sharing my life with all those around me and helping them to the best extent i can. So today im waking up to tell the world I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how hard life gets, remeber there are people who love you dearly like me! Even if i dont no you personally, that doesnt mean i cant love you. You are all so wonderful and are just traveling on yourown path. Thats what we all need to understand, everyone is in different levels of consciousness on their own path.

Im pretty sad, sad all the time.


McGee’s - Jamie Wyeth 1971
Contemporary realism